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Programmbuch 'Chowanschtschina' 
Programmbuch "Chowanschtschina"

Das Programmbuch zur Premiere Chowanschtschina am 18. März 2007 im Nationaltheater München

Musikalische Leitung: Kent Nagano
Inszenierung: Dmitri Tcherniakov

Mit Originalbeiträgen von Aage A. Hansen-Löve, Kent Nagano, Alexej Parin, Ljubow Serebrjakowa, Dmitri Tcherniakov

160 Seiten

Inhaltsangaben in deutsch, englisch und französisch

Price: EUR 7.00
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DVD 'Chowanschtschina' 
Modest Mussorgsky: Khovanshchina

One of Modest Mussorgsky's great talents was his unique ability to transpose words, psychological states and even physical movements into music. Kent Nagano rises magnificently to the challenges presented by the score. And Dmitri Tcherniakov's fascinating production emphasizes the timeless quality of this sombre tale of intrigue and power struggles reminiscent of a Greek tragedy, reflecting Mussorgsky's own maxim: "The past in the present - that is my task."

Paata Burchuladze, Klaus Florian Vogt, John Daszak, Valery Alexejev, Anatoli Kotscherga, Doris Soffel, Helena Jungwirth, Lana Kos, Anaïk Morel, Ulrich Reß, Camilla Nylund

The Chorus of the Bavarian State Oper 
The Bavarian State Orchestra

Musical Direction Kent Nagano
Stage Direction Dmitri Tcherniakov

Recorded live at the Nationaltheater, 10 and 14 July 2007

DVD, 174 min.
EuroArts/Unitel Classica
In Russian with English, German, Spanish and French subtitles.

Price: EUR 36.00
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